VTS is engaged in an Innovative "After-Treatment System for Marine Diesel Engine Emission Control" For Retrofitting with green technologies of existing ships.

The emission of exhaust gases from ships has been recognised as a main source of pollutants causing a significant exposure risk to people living close to harbours or neighbouring coastal areas. Several countries have introduced specific regulations to reduce the emission factors of ships and very recently the International Maritime Organization has enforced its environmental regulations to comply with these trends. The adoption of the new restrictive regulations requires retrofit modification to the entire commercial fleet to comply with the new emission standards.


The aim of this project is to create a new, modular, on-board, after-treatment unit that combines different sub-units, each of which is optimized to remove a specific primary pollutant (SOx, NOx, PM and VOC ) and is designed to allow an easy and fast retrofit of existing ships but also can be fitted to new ships of the future. The main goal of this new integrated system is the reduction of the environmental footprint of ships through the achievement of a state-of-the-art removal of the target pollutants aimed to reduce their emission factor well below the limits imposed by the current and future regulation.


The technology developed within DEECON aims at the:

Reduction of NOx > 98%
Reduction of PM 90% in number; > 99% in weight
Reduction of HC > 80%
Reduction of CO > 80%
Reduction of SOx > 98%


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